Massimo's  - Family not Franchise, Come taste the difference!
Monday &Tuesday   
        2 for $18.00
   two topping 12inch
Wednesdays: FREE
       10inch  with any
        16" Pizza order  or

      20inch 2 topping
       and Breadsticks
Sunday:    FREE
     with 16" or larger pizza
           Early Bird, 
    FREE breadsticks
         before 5pm
Let us cater your event!
Weddings, grad parties, company lunch, holiday party
Catering Menu
Italian Garden Salad
          lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers,
          Mozzerella cheese,  choice of dressing
            10x12 Pan,  serves 6-8                        $20.00
            12x20 Pan, serves 15-20                     $35.00
House Salad
             10x12 Pan, serves 6-8                         $30.00
             12x20 Pan,  serves 15-20                    $45.00
Pasta's,  all dishes feature our homemade
             marinara sauce.
              We also can make a creamier pink sauce
             (we can spice this up for you if you like),
              as well as a vodka sauce.
            10x12 Pan, serves 6-8                        $25.00
            12x20 Pan, serves 15-20                    $40.00
    Homemade Italian Meatballs              $1.00 each
    Meat Lasagna
             10x12 Pan, serves 6-8                       $30.00
             12x20 Pan, serves 12-18                   $60.00
    Baked Mostaccioli
            10x12 Pan, serves 6-8                       $30.00
            12x20 Pan, serves 15-20                    $55.00
    Ravioli or Tortellini
             10x12 Pan,  serves 6-8                     $35.00
             12x20 Pan, serves 12-18                   $60.00
    Fetuccine Alfredo 
              10x12 Pan, serves 6-8                       $35.00
             12x20 Pan, serves 12-18                   $65.00
Other Options
    Italian Sausage with grilled green peppers & onions,
          served with hoggie buns                      
             10x12 Pan,  serves 8-10                     $30.00
             12x20 Pan, serves 15-20                    $65.00
    Baked Chicken,  with Italian seasoning
             30 Pieces                                          $45.00
             50 Pieces                                          $75.00
    Breadsticks,  Pan of 24                               $10.00
Many other items can be prepared for you just give us a call and talk over your menu with us.  Remember these items are made to order so we do usually need a days notice please.     
        Just call  269-687-4992
         and ask for Cindy
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